Spotlight On Glitter

Grab some sunglasses, this is about to get shiny...

I'm so over my holiday sparkle hangover and ready to bling once again! I am super (super super) excited to show you the new OPI Spotlight on Glitter Collection just in time to welcome the flowers back for spring! This collection shifts the focus to what a girl wants needs and just has to have in her nail polish collection - a good glitter (or 6 good ones!) to help her shine. Let's get started!! For all I used two coats, no top, neutral shade as a base - everyone's fav MVIB (My vampire is buff!)

Desperately Seeking Sequins: Easy to apply, goes on nice and smooth and is FILLED with holo glitter bits and small little circles. When this one catches the light, it catches. the. light. It's a throwback to Which is witch and if you have to get just one (whose kidding who you will get more then one) this would be my #1 pick!

photo 10

Next we have You Pink too Much. Also easy to apply and adds a delicate pink reflection in natural light. Nice coverage though the circle sparkles are tough to evenly distribute, slow gentle strokes of the brush!

photo 11

Here we have Chasing Rainbows and the name could not be more accurate - this one is FILLED with colorful sparkle! This one is a tad difficult to apply only because there is LOTS of glitter to deal with. I forsee a glitter placement mani in my future with this one!

photo 12

 This one is #2 for me! Blush Hour has a pink tint (cool!) and pink/purple glitter bits that almost finishes a bit like a liquid sand. A very cool addition to any collection!

photo 13

Adore this one - closely ties with Blush Hour! Rose of light is comprised of rose and gold glitter bits that create disco balls on your mittens!

 photo 15

Last but not least we have I reached my Gold. Throwback to the Oz Collection! This is a must have for glitter-placers. It's tough to use this as a regular top, I suggest you pour a little bit out and place using tootpick OR brush on and hope for a few!

photo 14





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