Protect that heart.

Protect that heart.

Caution: Love ahead!

I am a little early for Valentine's Day but this was a swatch turned nail art mani... with.. umm... metal spikes. This. Just. Happened.

The delicious red you find painted here is part of the Gwen for OPI collection. The color is called Over and Over a Gwen and it is both creamy and RED. The pigment in this polish is intense and very saturated. As with all reds, proceed with caution to ensure your nail beds are properllly protected with a base coat to avoid staining. This red is very much like others in my collection however (big however!) this one came in a box set with some fun metal nail art detail. It also came in a box that was PERFECT for my ode to Gwen (see Bow to the Queen post!)

To sum, a rich, punchy red that is perfect for all seasons. The spikes just add a little edge and the heart well, that was some brushwork practice :)

Happy Painting!


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