OPI Muppets Most Wanted Collection

The Muppets are back!

I haven't even booked my flight home from Brazil and here we go again! Hot on the heels of the Brazil Collection comes another collab by OPI and Disney: Muppets Most Wanted! Another fun collection that includes 3 glitters and 5 shades (3 soft shades, 1 duochrome and a metallic!)  for spring! I'm not a huge fan of sheers as my mittens prefer a punch of color BUT they do go on flawlessly! I'll admit was a little confused with the color selection! When I think Muppets, I think Kermit - where's the green!? Let's get swatchin'!

First up is Chillin' Like a Villain, a cream shade with breezy orange undertones. This color goes on well though be careful on the initial coat - keep it thin! Two coats here with a top coat as well!

photo 1

 Next we have a beautiful opalescent pearl! I am not a sheer fan buuuuuut.... this one is lovely! A perfect base for any glitter and goes on with ease. This is three coats, no top!

photo 4

 I love applause! What a gorgeous pink - a ballet slipper for your fingers! This one isn't as sheer as the first two and applies flawlessly! Perfect light shade for spring! Three coats here and almost opaque (I always aim for full coverage! lol)

photo 6

 Metallics are next! Miss Piggy's Big Number is well... its just great. Brights Collection Blue My Mind used to be my GO TO blue, NOT ANYMORE! This sapphire blue shines bright and is my new fav blue!! Two coats with a top below, opaque in one though. As with all metallics, be gentle with your brush stroke to avoid streaking.... !

photo 7

DUOCHROME ALERT! Kermit me to Speak SHINES!! I'm brought back to Spiderman's Just Spotted the Lizzard and San Fransisco's Peace. Love. OPI. For fun I swatched Brazil's In the Bikini Zone on my index - only difference is a slight sparkle in it! Two coats, again be cautious and patience with your brushstrokes!

photo 8

 Glitter time! First up is Gaining Mole-Mentum a rose and gold multi-shaped glitter that packs a seriously shiny punch! I did have to arrange a few glitter pieces so I suggest keeping a tool handy to place them down if they are pointing up! Fab top for any shade!

photo 2

Moving on we have Let's do anything we want... super cute topper! This one has smaller pieces of rose gold and white confetti - party on your fingers! I am loving the rose gold in this collection!

photo 5

Last but not least we have Muppets World Tour, a unique quartz glitter top with multi color sparkles. This one finishes like a liquid sand and really shines!

photo 3

Hope you enjoyed!


Happy Painting!

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