OPI Infinite Shine: Summer Collection

Embrace the Sun and SHINE ON!


Shine on and on and ON my friends!

Today I have a few swatches of the OPI Infinite Shine 2015 Summer Collection... with a twist! This is a collab with my good friend Lindsay over at www.nailthataccent.com

We decided to split this collection into two parts, she has 6 and I have 6! If you aren't already following her blog or her instagram handle www.instagram.com/nailthataccent hurry up and go! She reviews all things lacquer and beauty - truly inspiring!

Let's get into some polish shall we!?


First up is a cool-toned pearly gold called 'Enter the Golden Era'. In terms of formula this one applied flawlessly, a tad streaky so gentle strokes, very little pressure and keep your lines straight! This is two coats + a top. 


Next is 'Wild Blue Yonder', the forumla on this one was tricky and thick, I suggest 3 thin (very thin) coats. I do like this colour though, it's rich and very pigmented which means... say it with me... she will stain! Be careful when applying and removing, as this one will keep those cuticles looking blue for days!


Collection fave alert! This shade is EVERYTHING! This is 'The Sun Never Sets' and seriously it could not be more beautiful if it tried! Special note to Anna @ www.polished.ca this is a MUST have! Formula is a dream and the colour is JUST right! It reminds me a smidge of 'Just Can't Afjord Not to' from last years Fall 2014 Collection! LOOOOOOOOOVE!!! <3 <3 <3


Is there anything worse then TRYING taking a (good) pic of silver lacquer :( <---- insert many sad faced emojis here! The formula on this one was so tricky, it does remind me of the chrome polish released a few years back.... I just could not get it to sit well on my nails! If you have ANY ridges this will show them off hardcore. This is 'Silver on Ice'.... I am sinking right through it lol


And then we redeem ourselves with 'Follow Your Bliss' a gorgeous lacquer that again is thick so 3 thin coats will do... I love this color but will admit that it was difficult to make this one look even and not like I was flooding my nail with paint! Perhaps I reserve this one for nail art only!


I love me a good purple but this one failed for me :( I wanted to love 'Perpetual Emotion' so much! Again a thick formula (maybe it was just mine?) and for some reason this one took longer to dry then the others? If you are in the market for a good purple this one may be your pick however go thin on the first coat and shake that bottle before you apply!

That's all for now friends! Don't forget to check out Lindsay's 6 over on her blog at http://nailthataccent.com/opi-infinite-shine-summer-2015/

Thank you for checking in and happy painting! <3



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