OPI Infinite Shine: Personal Review

Did I infinitely shine on this week...?!

I received an OPI Infinite Shine to use and review for you and here is my verdict! I want to stress that his is 100% my opinion and results can vary of course, I have included pics on day 1 and again on day 7 (it claims up to 10 days but this lacquer lover had to switch it up on day 7 to match a holiday outfit lol) Everything else I posted was pre-painted and YES it was hard to keep a single color on for that long! I used the lacquer as instructed, clean nails, dry mani (no water soak) and I have to say I'm impressed (the the exception of one nail!)

Here are my day 1 shots:



After 7 days, the mani looked like this:



As you can see, the shine is not as shiny, and the tips have worn BUT over all, I stayed chip free (with the exception of one nail on my right hand whereby the nail chipped causing the polish to chip too! :( :( :(

Overall I would rate this 7/10 for me! It didn't stay super shiny though I suppose after 7 days I can't expect it to look like day 1! Remember I change my polish every day, so this is new for me (and was difficult!) Although the tips wore a tad, it stayed chip free which is a huge plus. I cleaned an entire basement, my entire kitchen, ran over 60 km in the cold (I'm a distance runner!) and did plenty of other daily chores like washing dishes and cleaning up the house. Not too shabby for 7 days right!?

Hope this was helpful!

Happy Painting!


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