OPI Holiday: Effects

Everything is better with gold, silver and GLITTER!

The last of our OPI Holiday swatches for you! I am a firm believer that any mani (ANY!) can be drowned in glitter and it instantly becomes 10x better! We are entering the holiday season, where glitter becomes a staple for any holiday look! This collection has some serious bling to share with you. Let's get started, as always 2 coats for my base and a topper of glitter!

First up is 'Comet in the Sky', a beautiful glitter topper filled that is jam packed with different shape, size and color of glitter pieces that shine (some are HOLO does it get any better!?) It is GORGEOUS! I've covered 'Cinnamon Sweet' with this gem!



Our second topper is 'I'll Tinsel You', adorable name! It is filled with black, grey and white glitter pieces, different sizes and shapes, it glides on effortlessly over any shade! I've topped 'What's Your Pointsettia?' with this gem!


'Snow Globetrotter' okay, okay OKAY! I already have 3 back ups of this one because, well just look! It effortlessly glides on, it looks like instant galazy, it looks 3D, just go get it already! I've alrady shared these pics with you first I've topped 'Who Are you calling bossy?' second is 'I carol about you'. I just couldn't wait until this post to share, can you blame me?!




Up next we have 'So Elegant'. This is a lovely topper, clear base, filled with gun metal hex glitter that glides on with ease. I'm always afraid or larger glitter as it sometimes needs to be placed but this one is a breeze to apply! Seen here over 'Fashion a bow'! LOVE this one to the moon!


Our last two shades are not glitter toppers but gold and silver lacquers. They could be worn alone or used for nail art (I have or course used it for nail art, those posts coming soon!) They are 'Unfrost my heart' (bright silver hue) and 'Rollin in Cashmere' (a taffy pulled gold!) Here they are!


I really hope you enjoyed all the Holiday lacquers this year, there are some serious gems to choose from!! Stay tuned for oodles of nail art and lots of classic holiday looks to choose from!

Happy Painting!


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