OPI Fashion Plate Collection

OPI Fashion Plate Collection

Take me out to the ball game...

OPI and the MLB (Major League Baseball) have partnered to bring you a set of 7 polishes that are sure to be a home run with polish enthusiasts. From classic blues, reds and a hint of orange, these shades are a lovely compliment to springs vibrant and glittery shades and can take you into the fall season as well (Did I say fall? Where is SPRING!?) Let's get this swatch party started, for all swatches, 2 coats, with one coat of Sèche Vite!

First we have Umpires Come Out at Night, a deep indigo with an easy application, does not run thick, beware of pigment/staining it packs a punch!

Next up, we have Orange You Going to the Game, a metallic orange one of Spring 2014's go-to shades! A tad streaky if you apply too quick, patience is key!

Get up and dance, here it's the 7th Inning Strrretch! A softer metallic for those who want to minimize shine (Not sure who wants this though!) Easy application, opaque in a single coat though as all metallic, second to seal the deal!

This soft shade hits a double! Layer this one over any shade for some added shine or solo for an angelic finish, this is Girls Love Diamonds (ain't that the truth!)

Back to basic blues, we have Right Off the Bat, my personal collection fav (I have a thing for blues though) Opaque in a single coat, this one shines on - pack some sunglasses for the game!

Is it raspberry or is it red? Different light creates two different shades! This is Short-Stop, the formula is nice and sheer so if you are looking for opaque, you will need 3 coats for this one. There are two reds in this collection, this one is my pick!

Rounding home, we have Love Athletes in Cleats, the second red in this collection dries to a *slight* semi matte finish. The formula is thick, so be prepared to go easy on coat #1!

Happy Painting!


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