OPI Fall/Winter 2015 Venice Collection

Romantic reds, dreamy pastels and dramatic darks, this collection has a little something for everyone...


Fall/Winter has finally arrived and what a summer it's been! Don't get me wrong, I love the bright bold hues of summer but I secretly long for the dark vampy shades of fall and winter.... I just don't long for 7+ months of snow! I have 15 swatches for you today of the new OPI Fall/Winter 2015 Collection. Inspired by the romantic and decadent style of Venice Italy - AMORE! There is truly something for everyone in here, from dark to nude to bold metallics, you are sure to fall in love with one of them! Right off the bat I can tell you they were all a dream to apply, 2 coats for each... not a single one was patchy or a challenge to apply! <3 <3 <3 Let's get into it shall we?!


First up is a delicious melon lacquer called 'A great opera-tunity'. DREAMS are made of this! It reminds me of 'Sweet Daisy' by NOPI (which was limited edition so go go go if you loved it!) Two easy coats!


Next up is 'It's a piazza cake', a lovely burnt orange creme. LOVE this lacquer to bits! Very unique to my collection, two easy coats to full opacity <3


Our first metallic, this is 'Worth a pretty penne', a beautiful shimmery copper! Again another huge hit for me, two easy coats (seeing a trend here?!) and no streaks!


Behold, a beautiful light creme that is sure to eclipse MVIB (never!! my ride or die!) This is 'Tiramisu for Two' a beautiful sweet cream shade that is both easy to apply and dries flawlessly.


Next up is 'Amore at th grand canal', a vintage deep blue-based red... wearing this one now and on me it's so-so. I prefer 'pinkish' reds (coming up next!) Great application though and no cuticle floods!


All kinds of YES YES YES! I love this one to the moon! This is 'Gimme a lido kiss', a saucy red with just the right amount of shimmer :D Easy application though you could use a third coat on this one as I could still slightly see my nail lines. Either way, in LOVE <3


Another one to give MVIB a run for it's money... and this one is almost spot on! This is 'Be there in prosecco'... the name - so cute! Two easy coats, thin too! Opacity builds up nicely with this one.


This one is called 'I cannoli wear OPI' - again adorable name... and accurate for me BUT this one is my least favorite. Although it applied nicely for a greige, it didn't dry to a nice smooth finish for me. Still a unique colour to my collection however!


Look out mint-lovers, this one is for you! This is 'Gelato on my mind'. There are No. Words. There is something about a bright mint that just wakes you up am I right!? This is also a pretty close dupe for Essie's Mint Candy Apple :) In LOVE with this one! (again can you see a pattern building!)


And then things get a whole light more romantic! This is 'Purple palazzo pants', totally digging the names in this collection! A beautiful cream lilac, this is a flawless polish and one I'm sure my bestie Anna will purchase for her salon! :)


Calling all deep vampy lacquer-lovers! This is 'O Suzi Mio', a beautiful eggplant that is a virtual dream to apply. Two easy coats (one may have even done it!) Perfect for the fall!


I purposely took this photo in a weird way to catch the lacquer's true colours! This is 'My gondola or yours?', a black with a slight (see it?) sparkly finish! When it dries down it look pure black but I see a little navy in there too! Two coats, one would have done it I think!


COLLECTION FAVE! The next three swatches are limited edition lacquers and this one is just, well, pure LOVE in a bottle. This is 'Venice the party?' a metallic aqua that pops like none other! IN LOVE LOVE LOVE! <3 <3 <3


I can appreciate the uniqueness of this one though I wasn't a huge fan! I couldn't get it to dry without feeling rough (which i think is the point, so apparently texture isn't for me!) This is 'Baroque...but still shopping!', a shimmery glittery party on your fingertips!


Our last swatch is 'St-Mark's the spot' a beautiful pearly blue that is once again, say it with me, a dream to apply! Zero streaks, two easy applications, this one is sure to please the blue lacquer lovers! <3

There you have it! The entire Fall/Winter 2015 OPI Venice collection! Which ones are your faves?! Hope you enjoyed this swatch party and until next time, happy painting!








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