OPI Brights Collection: Summer 2015

Shine bright like a diamond!


Just in time for the summer season is OPI's Brights Collection, 9 beautiful lacquers that pack a serious bright punch! 3 of the collection shades are re-releases, 6 additional new shades that are sure to brighten up any mani or pedi! Some of the formulas were better then others, as always 2 coats + topper (no shades required 3!) Disclaimer: I did not use a white base for any of these swatches. Ready? Here we go!

Our first lacquer is 'The berry thought of you', a gorgeous purple based-pink (yes I made that up) The formula was a bit thin for this one but an easy thin first coat will do it!


Our second lacquer is 'Life gave me lemons', this is a re-release from the OPI Neon Collection. I did swatch last years vs. this, no difference in formula, a bit tricky though as it can get thick fast. Easy thin coat to start!


#3 is 'On pinks and needles', this is exactly as shown, hot pink sparkly-fun! I layered this over 'Life gave me lemons' but it can also be worn on its own as well! No glitter fishing required either!!


Next is 'I STOP for red'. Okay so reddish-orangey hues have never been my fave but this summer I am ALL about them. Right Olivia? LOL The formula on this was magical, one of my collection picks for fave!


Next up is 'Hotter then you pink', another re-release. The formula on this was not my favorite, a bit streaky and super thick to start with. The color payoff is decent once you get it applied and topped.


Here is 'My car has navy-gation', a creamy blue that is SO difficult to work with! I had 1. a difficult time getting this to set right and 2. Topping it without pulling the lacquer. I LOVE the color though! :(


Here we have 'Down to the Core-al' a bright coral that is totally amaze for a pedi! This is the third lacquer to be re-released and was a total winner both last and this year!


Another one of my top 3, this is 'Can't hear myself pink!' and ladies, this is a MUST have. Reminds me a bit of DS Tourmaline (but slightly less dimaond-y lol)


Last but certainly not least is 'I sea you wear OPI'. There are NO. WORDS. Behold, the most beautiful blue/teal-sparkle EVER.


I hope you love this collection as much as I do!!

Happy Painting!


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