Monochrome on Fire

Monochrome on Fire

This Monochrome is on Fire.

Before you start you will need:

1. Make up sponge (cut to general width of nails

2. One white, one dark (prefer black!) polish, one light (prefer cream!)

3. Thin paint brush from art store or craft store

4. Clean up materials of your choice (Q tip or paint brush with polish remover)

5. Love and patience!

6. 75 mins


Step 1

  • Paint your nail a base white
  • Let dry for 15-20 mins (or use a fast dry top coat like Seche Vite for speed!)


Step 2

  • Using a make up sponge, add the light and dark colors (a good glob of paint!)
  • Gently sponge on the paint over the white base (Tip: I am careful around cuticles, I hate the clean up! Little smudges will happen though!)


Step 3

  •  After sponge is complete, use a thin paint brush and lightly brush small strokes of paint in the opposite direction
  • Top coat and VOILA!

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