Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal

An easy metal mani to arm any dark polish...

Before you start, you will need:

1. Stripping tape

2. Cut 40 individual pieces (4 for each finger)

3. Select desired paint pots (one dark, one lighter shade)

4. 10 metal decals of your choice

5. Metal music of your choice (kidding, classical will also do!)

6. 60 mins



  • Paint your nail with a dark polish of choice. (Shown in photo OPI: Black Onyx)
  • Let the paint dry fully, suggest 10-15 minutes, if you are using Seche Vite you can cut that time down in half! :)




  • Place the stipping tape from bottom of nail bed corner to opposite top corner
  • Paint your lighter color over tape (Used here: OPI Get in the Expresso Lane)
  • Allow to dry for 1-2mins (depending on polish this time can vary as all dry differently)

TIP: Ensure that you apply two pieces of tape from same corner and apply next two for easier removal



  • Gently remove tape to reveal clean lines
  • Using a tweezer or gem placer place the metal decal at the bottom of nail where lines meet
  • I added a little stripe of gold and gun metal polish at the tip using a brush - for your to add if you like!
  • Top coat the nail

Note: You can use nail glue for the metal if you wish to keep the mani on longer, also you can top coat prior to metal placement if you wish.

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