Essie Summer Collection 2015

Surf's up! Hang loose in 6 new beautiful shades...


New to Summer 2015, Essie adds another 6 shades to their collection and this is by far my fave this year. These lacquers are inspired by all things beachy, breezy and beautiful! As always 2 coats + top, let's get started!

First up is 'Peach Side Babe' a creamy peachy (some coral!) lacquer. I liked the formula on this one, two easy coats...


#2 is 'Private Weekend', I CANNOT photograph white polish for the life of me. I promise you this looked lovelier in person! Just a slight shimmer to this (or perhaps it was my lighting!


Next up is 'Chillato' and can honestly say this shade is unique to my collection, I have nothing like it! Two easy coats, try a thin coat to start to avoid clump!


Our forth lacquer is 'Saltwater Happy' and I have to apologize, I have no idea why but every photo of this one turned out like a polaroid (like old school, when it had that cloudy film that made it instantly look vintage... no filter here!) Breezy color, super easy to apply, reminds me a tad of 'Bikini so teenie'...


Next is 'Pret-a-surfer', I LOVE this color (though I am totally partial to blue lately, seriously look at my instagram feed for proof!) Easy to apply, easy to dry...


Last we have 'Sunset sneaks', a beautiful creamy reddish/orange with an ever so slight pink pull to me! I loved this shade to the moon, a collection fave...


I hope you enjoyed this collection!

Happy Painting!


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