Essie Neon 2015 Collection

Lights, camera, NEON!


Here we GLOW again! Today I have some swatches of the new Essie Neon Collection. Just in time for spring/summer, Essie releases a collection that is perfect for the festival season. Beyond the boundaries of Coachella are hundreds of great festivals (my personal faves, located in my hometown of Montreal!)

On to swatches ladybugs! As always two coats (if I used more I will be real with you!) + a top coat. Here we go... 

First up is ' Groove is in the heart', a peachy pink neon that I admit faired better and more "neony" lol in sunlight. Two thin (very thin) coats is all you need. This reminds me of OPI's 'Sorry I'm Fizzy Today', remember that gem!?


Next we have 'Melody Maker', this one makes my top 2, easy application, fully opaque in 2 breezy coats!


The next one is so-so for me. If you've followed me for a while now (first THANK YOU!) and second, you know I have a love/hate, mostly hate then maybe a smidge of love relationship with jellies. I know right? I am not the norm! Here is 'All access pass'. I wanted to love this one BUT the formula was so tricky for me. Two coats but it seemed to shrink up after applying top coat.


Next we have ' Coacha'bella'. Interesting name! This magenta packs a beautiful punch though I did find the formula a bit tricky for me! Two thin coats will do...


Two more to go! Next is 'Make some noise', my #1 fave in this collection. Easy application and I have a serious love for blue/green this summer!


Last we have 'Vibrant Vibes' and this one seriously shines on. I would LOVE to see this under black light. Now This one is a winner for a few reaons. First I did NOT use a white base coat and second, it was easy to apply which surprised me for a neon!


I hope you enjoyed these swatches!

Happy painting!



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