Essie Bridal 2015 Collection

I do... love lacquer!


Hello! Today I have some swatches of the Essie Bridal 2015 Collection. This collection is comprised of a few beautiful nudes and two bright, statement shades. Let's get started, as always 2 coats + top coat (most nudes required 3, I'll let you know which ones!)

First up we have 'Worth the Wait', this one did require 3. I am usually a three coat gal when it comes to sheers (I know I know... why?!) the formula was good, 3 thin coats will do it...


Next is 'Brides to Be', this one is my least favorite, only because I don't quite enjoy it on me (its a personal thing!) formula was thick on this one so two to three thin coats will do...


Third is 'Hubby For Dessert', now THIS one I love! This was two coats, easy formula and I enjoy this one much more on me! :)


Next up is 'Tying the Knotie', can we just smile at the name for a minute!? So cute!! This is a true sheer pink but as always, I had to make it difficult on myself and it required 3 coats!


Next up, 'Brides no Grooms', a bright pink. Love this shade though I do have a few very simllar (an exact dupe actually but not an Essie lacquer...) Two coats, easy peasy!


Last is Happy Wife Happy Life - isn't that the truth! A bright orange-red, this is a lovely polish, applies effortlessly in two coats!


Hope you enjoyed these new Essie Bridal Shades! In a few weeks I will be married three years to my hubby - now which shade will I wear above!?

Happy Painting!


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  • Nailthataccent


    28 April 2015 at 16:11 | #

    So beautiful. Nice swatches


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