2014 Favorites: My top 5!

It was a colorful year, these are my top 5!

In 2014 we saw the release glitter (lots of glitter!) neons, bright pastels and some beautiful dark and vampy lacquers. It was a challenge to pick just 5 and I could have added another 25 (okay like 75) but I narrowed my scope to 5 that really rocked my world! I used these shades over and over and OVER again for nail art and on their own. They are listed in no particular order because I love them all equally!

First up is 'I just can't cope-acabana' from the Brazil Collection. This bright banana yellow is stunning on its own, but adds the right amount of pop to any nail art. In reviewing my designs this year, I think I used this shade over 12 times!


Next is a beautiful nude 'I love applause' from the OPI Muppets Most Wanted Collection. This shade made me discover my love for nudes and that's a good thing as I have plenty! lol This beautiful pale pink can be worn sheer or the opacity can be built up using thin layers as seen here. Bravo on this one - a beautiful shade!


Up next, 'Can't Afjord not to' from the OPI Nordic Collection. This beautiful mandarin orange was the perfect pop of color for fall and will likely rock this shade come spring again! It is a shade that photograps VERY well (you know what I'm talking about nail artists - it's a one/two shot lacquer!) I wore this one on its own a number of times this fall and still can't get enough!


Our next shade is 'Red hot Rio' from the OPI Brazil Collection. What would a lacquer faves post be without a classic red! There were a number of red hues released this year but this one for me took the #1 prize! It was perfect for my skin tone, photographed so well and dried quick - everything I need in a red and I LOVE the name! :)


Our last lacquer is a glitter (surprise surprise!) and this was a tough call, there were so many great glitters this year, an entire collection was released to celebrate them! This one however, took the prize at the 11th hour. This is 'Snow Globetrotter' from the OPI Holiday Collection. This glitter my friends, is magical! It transforms ANY mani into a magical galaxy of shimmering awesomeness!! If you have not picked this up I highly recommend you do (and get a few back ups!)



You didn't actually think I could narrow it to 5 did you!?

First is a Diamond Series Shade called 'Tourmaline', one of two shades added to the DS family this year! She is beautiful, full of glitter and is just flawless! I wore this one on its own a number of times and she really shined for me!


Last is another PINK! 'Sorry I'm Fizzy Today' from the OPI Coca Cola Collection. I LOVE this shade and she photographs soooooo well! 


Hope you enjoyed this list - I'd love to hear what your faves were! Hit me up on instagram www.instagram.com/unmoineau or leave a comment of course! 

Have a beautiful New Years and may 2015 be beautiful and colorful for everyone!




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