18k Gold Top Swatch and Compare!

Gold x 3 ...

There is nothing better then a great top coat that adds just the right amount of shine is there? How about three of them! Here they are ladies, in all their sparkly 18k Gold Glory. Each has something a little unique to offer, and each of course add a touch of class to any mani. Let's take a closer look, starting with 'The Man with the Golden Gun' from the James Bond Collection.

This one gives you a more yellow gold touch, some larger and smaller flakes:



Next we have 'Pure' from the Mariah Carey Holiday Collection. This one is gold and white gold flakes, some larger flakes in addition to smaller ones, I do LOVE this shade, it almost looks like marble!




Here is the new topper from the Gwen Holiday Collection 'Don't Speak'. Like TMWTGG, this one is yellow gold, no larger flakes only smaller dusty ones:



What do you think of this new topper? Love it?!

Happy Painting!


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