Saran Wrap Marble

Use a simple household item to achieve a show-stopping mani!

The How-To for this one dolls is an easy one! No photos are necessary, this one only requires a few steps!



 You will need:

1. 3-4 colors of polish

2. Something to pour a small amount of polish on (I use a disposable Pie pan!!)

3. A clean up brush (angled make up brush works wonders!) & acetone or nail polish remover to clean up

4. Love and Kindness. And wine. :P


1. Paint the base shade and let it fully dry

2. Using a small piece of saran wrap (about half a 8x10 sheet of paper!) crumple it up

3. Dip the crumpled up saran wrap into a small dollop of paint (TIP: dab a few times on paper towel to remove globs!)

4. Lightly dab your base shade

5. Repeat for every nail and with mutiple colors if desired!

6. Top coat your masterpiece when fully dry!

 Pictured here:

The Nicole by OPI fall collection (Berry the Hatchet as base, Did he wink at me?! Poised for Turquoise and Dazzling with Talent!)



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