Polar Vortex (or edge of space?)

It just got icy around here!

This simple gradient design leaves your fingertips frost bitten! Check out the how-to steps down below!


You will need:

  • 4 lacquers: Who are you calling bossy?, Alpine snow , Can't find my czechbook, Snow Globetrotter
  • Top Coat
  • Nail polish remover for clean up
  • Two make up sponges
  • A clean up brush
  • Love!

1. Paint your nails black and let fully dry

2. Using a make up sponge, add the white and black polish and gently sponge on (repeat twice!)

3. Repeat step #2 using a new make up sponge with white and blue

4. Use Snow Globetrotter and paint over the gradient

5. Finish off with top coat - Voila! :)

The final look:


Hope you enjoyed this!

Happy painting!


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